Terms & Conditions

1. About Us:

Electrical & Gas Care (EGC) stands as a premier independent domestic appliance repair service in the South Wales region. Committed to delivering optimal service, we are proud to be a registered company in England & Wales.

Company Registration: Registered under Company No: 10464815.

VAT Registration: VAT reg no: 176 2049 06.

Registered Office Address: 1 New Premier Buildings, Old Newport Road, Pantglas, Caerphilly, United Kingdom, CF83 8YE.

For any inquiries regarding this document or your orders, feel free to contact us through:

Email: [email protected]

Online Contact Form: Click Here

Phone: 02920 885355 (Monday to Thursday: 9:00-17:00, Friday: 9.00-4.30).

2. These Terms:

These terms govern any orders placed on our website or by telephone. It is imperative to carefully review these terms before placing an order, as they outline crucial information about both your and our rights and responsibilities. By calling EGC to order a repair, it is reasonably assumed that you have read, understood and agree with these terms.

To place an order, you must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms, but the terms in effect when you submit your order will apply. Ensure to retain a copy of these terms and any correspondence from us. They are available exclusively in English.

3. Booking a Repair:

Booking a Repair by Telephone: When initially inquiring about a repair, we assume you have read our terms, checked coverage, and verified that your appliance is repairable. Upon confirming a covered location and repairable appliance type and brand, we will quote a Service Charge for an engineer visit, with variation based on location, appliance type, and engineer availability. Upon your acceptance of the Service Charge, we proceed to collect required information and payment, booking the engineer visit.

Booking a Repair Online: Entering details on our online booking form initiates contact from our staff via phone or email to confirm details and service charge quote for your appliance. Ensure all provided information is accurate, as incorrect details may result in a charge or refusal to carry out the repair. We reserve the right to reject any order for any reason.

4. Initial Visit:

Our commitment at Electrical & Gas Care (EGC) is to provide same day/next day appointments, categorised as a callout within 24/48 hours from the initial booking. While we strive to achieve this target, circumstances such as peak periods, engineer leave, or rural locations may impact our ability to meet this goal. In the event that we cannot offer an appointment within 24/48 hours, you have the option to cancel the repair at no initial charge. Additionally, you may be asked if you’d like to provisionally book, especially if alternative options are not readily available.
We make every effort to conduct repairs at the agreed-upon times and dates. In instances of potential delays in commencing or resuming repairs, we will communicate this to you as promptly as possible. However, please note that we are not held liable for any losses incurred due to delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as severe weather, accidents, unpredictable traffic delays, engineer sickness or restrictions imposed during pandemics and epidemics.
By scheduling an engineer visit, you agree to be present at the agreed time and date. In the event of unavailability, please notify us at your earliest convenience. Failure to be present when the engineer visits at the agreed time may result in a full Service Charge being applied. We hold no liability for losses incurred if repair services are delayed or rendered impossible due to your failure to make the appliance’s location accessible or to prepare the location as required for us to perform the repairs.

5. Ordering Required Spare Parts:

Upon inspecting your appliance during our visit, we strive to identify the necessary spare parts. Once determined, our targeted timelines are outlined as follows:

Parts in Stock:

    • If the required parts are readily available at our suppliers, our objective is to return and complete your repair within 14 days from the date of your payment for the part.

Parts Out of Stock:

    • In cases where the needed parts are out of stock at our suppliers, we will be informed of the expected delay before sourcing the necessary part. We will communicate this to you at the point of providing a quotation for the required spare part. Our goal, in this scenario, is to return and finalize your repair within 7 days from the date we receive the part.

6. What is Included in the Service Charge?

The Service Charge encompasses the initial callout by our engineers and the entire duration required during the initial visit for comprehensive diagnostic testing. This process results in either a quotation for spare parts or, ideally, the completion of a first-visit repair when the installation is not at fault. Please note that any spare parts necessary for the repair are not included in the Service Charge; a separate quote will be provided for these parts.
The Service Charges do not cover any additional work needed to access your appliance or any associated costs related to making-good or redecorating. Payment for the service is required at the time of booking. If an engineer attends and identifies a fault leading to an additional repair and/or spare parts quotation, the Service Charge is payable regardless of whether you choose to proceed with the repair. In instances where the engineer finds that the appliance is working normally or the fault is related to a power, water, or drainage supply issue, the engineer will advise on the next steps. If no fault is found or if issues with power, water, or drainage supply are identified, it is considered a diagnosis, and the Service Charge is applicable. EGC does not provide free callouts or free estimates.
Please be aware that if there is an error on our site regarding the Service Charge, we will attempt to contact you using the details provided during your order placement. You will be given the option to reconfirm your order at the correct Service Charge price or to cancel your order. In instances where contact is unsuccessful, we will treat the order as cancelled.

Our card payment provider will securely store the card details used to pay for the initial Service Charge, ensuring the ability to reattempt payment at a later date in case of declined payments. This also facilitates any additional charges that may become payable by you. Refer to ‘Our Repair Guarantee,’ ‘Spare Parts Quotation,’ ‘Obsolete and Parts That Are No Longer Available,’ ‘Self-fitted Parts,’ and ‘Out of Stock Parts’ for details on additional charges.

7. Our Repair Guarantee:

All repairs conducted directly by EGC include a 3-month (90-day) labour guarantee, known as our Repair Guarantee. This assurance ensures that within this period, we commit to repairing or replacing any faulty parts supplied by us or rectifying any defective work performed by our engineers. This guarantee operates in conjunction with your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or any applicable laws replacing it. For independent advice on your rights, you may contact Citizens Advice or Trading Standards. It’s important to note that, although we strive for customer satisfaction, after diagnosing a fault, we cannot guarantee that other issues may not arise in the near future or on the same day. The breakdown of other parts may. exhibit symptoms identical to those present before our repair or service.

Our Repair Guarantee is specifically designed to ensure the correct completion of the repair. If you find it necessary to call the engineer back after a repair, and the issue relates to the engineer’s prior visit, any rectification will be performed at no additional charge.

However, if the engineer determines that the revisit is associated with a new or unrelated fault, you may be required to pay a callout charge of £40+VAT (£48 including VAT). In cases where the appliance is deemed to be working to specification during the revisit, a similar callout charge may apply. Certain repairs are excluded from our Repair Guarantee, including those involving:
  • Removal of blockages affecting water drainage from the appliance or external pipework.
  • Repairs to refrigeration units involving refrigerant recharge (e.g., re-gas or compressor replacement). Refer to ‘Refrigeration Re-Gassing’ for more details.
  • Repairs where spare parts supplied by you (not sourced from our suppliers) have been used.
Additionally, specific parts are excluded from our Repair Guarantee, such as door parts, door seals, drive belts, cosmetic parts, drum lifters, lamps, internal furniture, motor components, bearings, drums and all seals.
Our Repair Guarantee does not apply in cases where problems arise due to fair wear and tear, improper use, neglect, accidents, alterations by you or a third party, misuse of the appliance, or the need for fuse replacement (except where damaged due to our negligence).

To claim our Repair Guarantee, the repairing engineer must have the opportunity to inspect and rectify the appliance. If a third party or independent engineer has intervened, we reserve the right to revoke the Repair Guarantee. In instances where EGC is at fault, we will not reimburse third-party service fees or refund previous repair charges if we have not had the opportunity to inspect the appliance before the third party’s involvement.

8. Refrigeration Re-Gassing:

Our Repair Guarantee does not extend to any repairs on refrigeration products where a system re-gas has been performed. Refrigerant, being a liquid/gas and not a tangible product, primarily flows through pipework embedded in the product lining, rendering most of it inaccessible for our engineers to fully inspect pipework and joints.
Should you opt for a re-gas service, we will internally note the job, acknowledging that you are aware our Repair Guarantee will not apply to the re-gas. Subsequently, we will schedule an engineer to attend after the re-gassing fee has been paid.
In the event that your system fails the initial vacuum test, we will not proceed with the re-gas. After thoroughly testing all visible pipework and joints for leaks, we will inform you if the appliance is deemed unrepairable.

9. Spare Parts:

9.1 Spare Part Identification:
To secure the correct spare part from our suppliers, precise appliance data from the rating plate is essential. This information includes the full model number, serial number, and any applicable factory/product codes. Failure to provide this data in full may impede our ability to identify necessary parts, and in such instances, the Service Charge is non-refundable. If spare parts cannot be identified, we will contact you, advising you to reach out to the manufacturer for potential data retrieval. If unsuccessful, and the lack of data persists, the Service Charge remains payable with no refund.

9.2 Spare Parts Quotations:
Quotations for spare parts are valid for 7 days from the issue date. After this period, should a re-attendance be required before ordering parts, a further £40+VAT (£48 including VAT) callout charge may apply. This is due to potential continued appliance use awaiting spare part replacement, which may cause additional issues.

9.3 Specifically Ordered Parts:
Our engineers carry commonly used spare parts, but for specific needs, parts may need to be specially ordered. In such cases, you will be informed of the cost and estimated lead time before the repair can proceed. Payment for Specifically Ordered Parts is required before placing the order. These parts are non- returnable and non-refundable unless faulty within the Repair Guarantee period.

9.4 Fix a Fault to Find a Fault:
In cases where fixing one fault reveals another, we may need to rectify the initial fault to identify subsequent issues, especially concerning PCBs and control devices. Parts identified as faulty after fitting are quoted for separately. Once a part is fitted, it is non-returnable and non-refundable unless faulty or the engineer misdiagnosed the initial fault.

9.5 Obsolete and Parts No Longer Available:
If a part is deemed obsolete or no longer available, you may be advised to source it independently. Successful fitting of self-sourced parts will exclude the repair from our Repair Guarantee. If a part is sourced independently and does not fit or is damaged, an additional £40+VAT (£48 including VAT) callout charge may apply. In cases where neither EGC nor the customer can identify spare parts needed, the Service Charge is non-refundable.

9.6 Self-Sourced Spare Parts:
EGC will not fit spare parts sourced independently unless advised that the required part is obsolete or no longer available through our suppliers. This ensures the origin and quality of the spare part.

9.7 Self-Fitted Spare Parts:
Declining our spare part quote to fit your own part relinquishes any further repair under the initial Service Charge. Re-inspection of the fitting incurs a £40+VAT (£48 including VAT) callout charge.

9.8 Obscure Brands and Foreign-Made but British-Badged Appliances:
For appliances with limited support for spare parts, customers may be asked to source part independently. Successful fitting of self-sourced parts excludes the repair from our Repair Guarantee. If advised that parts cannot be obtained and the customer sources their own, an additional callout charge may apply.

9.9 Out of Stock Spare Parts:
If parts are out of stock, customers will be informed of possible delays and given an estimated lead time before agreeing to continue the repair. Special Order Parts are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Service Charge is also non-refundable in these instances. In case of a further callout charge, it may be automatically charged to the card used for the initial Service Charge.

9.10 Spare Parts Delivery:
Spare parts ordered directly with EGC, if in stock, will be dispatched to us within 24/48 hours from the point of order.

10. Unable to Remove Appliances:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the appliance is accessible for the engineer’s visit. Although we will make reasonable efforts to remove both freestanding and integrated appliances, situations may arise where removal is not possible due to installation constraints or the risk of potential damage. In such cases, we may request that you arrange for the appliance to be removed before the repair and reinstalled after completion. If we ask you to handle the removal, we will re-attend at a later date, incurring no additional cost, to proceed with the repair. However, in instances where an engineer attends but cannot remove the appliance, our Service Charge remains payable.

11. Working in Dangerous or Unsafe Conditions:

We will not initiate or continue work in your home or any other location where the appliance is installed if we identify a health and safety risk. This may include hazards such as dangerous chemicals, pest infestations, verbal or physical abuse, or harassment. We will not resume the work until the identified risk is mitigated. In cases where an engineer attends but cannot proceed with the repair due to dangerous or unsafe conditions, our Service Charge remains payable.

12. Reporting Damage:

Any damage complaint must be communicated to the engineer while they are on-site. It is your responsibility to inspect the surrounding area after the engineer completes their work. We cannot entertain damage claims reported after the engineer has left your premises. This is because customers may either: a) request that appliances be left out after a repair for cleaning purposes; b) independently move appliances either out or back into position before or after a repair; and/or c) adjust appliance positioning after an engineer has refitted an appliance.

13. Commercial Appliances:

We specialise in repairing domestic appliances only, which are typically intended for household use, specifically in domestic kitchens, and not for commercial purposes. When seeking a repair quotation, whether through direct contact or online, it is your responsibility to accurately state the appliance’s brand or, if uncertain, specify whether the appliance is domestic or commercial. In cases where we travel to a repair location and find that the appliance is not as described or is determined to be a commercial appliance, our Service Charge remains payable.

14. Making Changes to or Cancelling Your Repair:

You have the right to cancel your repair within 14 days without providing any reason. The cancellation period expires after 14 days from the conclusion of the contract. If your appointment is scheduled within 14 days of booking, you can cancel until 9 AM on the morning of the visit. Cancellations after 9 AM on the visit day or failure to notify us results in the Service Charge remaining payable with no refund. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us by calling 02920 885355 or emailing us at [email protected]. To meet the cancellation deadline, it suffices for you to send your cancellation notice before the expiration of the cancellation period.

Your cancellation notice is considered received upon contacting us to cancel your appointment or, in the case of email, from the date it is sent to us.

15. Paper Quotations and Invoices:

EGC operates as a paperless business. All quotations and invoices will be sent electronically to the email address you provide, free of charge. If you wish to receive a paper copy via Royal Mail, an administration and postage fee of £5+VAT may apply.

16. Refund Policy:

Any agreed refunds by EGC will be processed and issued to the card used for payment. Refunds are to be completed within 5 working days from the date of the refund agreement. For payments made via BACS or cash, agreed refunds will be conducted via BACS, requiring the following information for processing:
  • Bank Account Name (as it appears on the statement)
  • Bank Account Sort Code
  • Bank Account Number

17. Events Beyond Our Control:

We are not held liable to you if we fail to comply with these terms due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Updated 3-01-2024

Complaints Policy

Electrical & Gas Care always endeavours to provide the best service. However, on rare occasions there may be times where a customer may not be completely satisfied. To ensure the business can put things right for you, as soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out based on the contract terms and to the high standards the business aims to achieve. Please contact us straight away with any concerns either by phone, email or write to us. If writing, obtain proof of posting.

Business Complaint Procedure

On receipt of your complaint the business aims to respond within 5 days. The business will arrange a convenient date to come and view and/or remedy the situation within 28 days if at fault. In the unlikely event the business is unable to resolve your complaint having exhausted the business complaints procedure, it may be necessary to use another complaint service. Where the business cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction and/or agree to the final resolution requests confirmed to us and both parties agree a ‘deadlock’ has been reached, you can then escalate your complaint.
Logo Which Trader
Electrical & Gas Care has access to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for our domestic installation, service, repair and maintenance contracts as part of the Which? Trusted Traders Endorsement.

If you choose to you can refer your complaint to Which? Trusted Traders’ Alternative Dispute Resolution. You will need to contact Which? Trusted Traders on 029 2267 0040 who can explain if you are eligible to use their Alternative Dispute Resolution